You can create assessments either manually (instructions provided below) or using the SMS Upload function (see more details here) which would be recommended for the creation of multi assessments.

To create an assessment group:

  1. Select the assessment area, e.g. Mathematics. 
  2. Click on the ‘Add new assessment’ button.
  3. Give the assessment a name, for instance ‘Room 12 Test One’.
  4. Select the number of the test that has/will be completed. Note: If you select an adaptive test option this can only be sat online.
  5. Input the term that the test was/will be administered and the year level of the students.
  6. Review the details and when ready, click the ’Add’ button'

To add students to the assessment

  1. Select the Student Token icon for the relevant assessment.
  2. Click 'Add students'
  3. Select the students you wish to add to the assessment
  4. Click the 'Confirm' button
  5. You can access student tokens (for online assessment) by clicking on the Student Tokens icon. 

Note regarding Paper-based assessment: Once an assessment is created and students are associated with it you will be able to use the ‘Data-Entry’ page to enter the test results from answer sheets.

To view the details of an existing assessment click on the ‘Edit’ icon next to the name of the assessment. From here you can change a number of details (e.g. the assessment name) and see which students have been assigned to the assessment. Please note you cannot change the test number or term once an assessment has been created – if this needs to be amended please contact NZCER at to request this change.