Students records can be created by uploading student data from the school’s student management (SMS) data base (see more details here) or entering them manually. Only the Administrator has access to do this.

To create a new student record manually:

  1. From ‘Site Management’ select ‘Student Record Management’
  2. Click on ‘Create New Student’ at the top of the page
  3. Fill in the required fields (NSN & SMS ID if available – see note below) then select ‘Add’
  4. The student will now be listed under ‘Student Record Management’.

Once a student is created they will need to be added to the relevant class(es) and assigned to assessments. It is not necessary to create a new record for the student each time they sit an assessment as their details will already be stored on the website and can be selected from the student selection.

Uploading data from a school management database has several advantages over creating student records manually in the site. However, schools will need to decide which system is most suitable for their needs.

Please note that if you can enter the student’s National Student Number (NSN) or their Student Management System ID, or both, this will make merging student records more straight forward if you decide to use data from the school’s student database in the future.