Instructions for use of Student Labels for Paper Tests

This document contains instructions on how to create student barcode labels for use with the scanning service. Please note: If you are not using the NZCER scanning service then you do not need to use the student labels. Important: If your school does not have an SMS system you will not be able to follow this process.

Following these steps will make importing your NZCER Marking results back into your SMS easier. It will also eliminate issues with incorrect naming of children due to legibility of names.

1. Uploading SMS
Firstly, you will need to create a download file from your SMS. Instructions for this can be found here. Once you have created your csv download file you can import it into the NZCER Marking site using the following instructions available here. This step will import all of your students’ details into the NZCER Marking site ready for use.

If your SMS provider is not listed in the instructions above you can email your SMS csv file and we can complete the necessary work and upload to the site on your behalf. If you require this support please send your file through to and we will be able to assist.

2. Creating the Student Barcode Labels

Once you have uploaded your student information you can generate your student barcode labels using the instructions below. You must be logged into the NZCER Marking site as the administrator. Please note: The system will only create labels for students with an NSN who are associated with a class group.

1.Go to the ‘Site Management’ page and select ‘Student labels for paper tests’
2.Using the tick boxes select the class groups that you wish to create (do not choose the year level as well) and click the ‘Next’ button
3.You can now select the students you wish to print barcode labels for. The default setting is ‘Select All Students’ or you can search and select just the students you require. Once you are ready click the ‘Next’ button
4.The system has now produced the required student barcode labels. Before you can print the labels you will need to select the ‘Download in PDF format’ link and save the document to your computer
5.Once you have saved the PDF document you can print the labels. Please note: You will need to use the following specification of label, these can be purchased from Avery, OfficeMax, etc:

white laser/multipurpose labels
Label size: 99.1 x 34.0 mm
16 labels per sheet

6.The labels will print out in order of class groups. They can then be distributed to the relevant class teachers.

3. Using the Student labels

Once the teachers have received their relevant student labels these can be added to the student answer sheets as required. The labels need to be placed on the answer sheet on the left hand side of the page and should cover the section that has space for the student to add their First Name, Last Name and School (see image below). The rest of the answer sheet should be completed as usual.

4. Using the scanning service

The rest of the scanning service process remains the same. You can find instructions here.