Once you have imported your student data, established class groups and created assessments (see relevant instructions), you need to enable online testing and print student tokens:

  1. From the homepage, select the subject area. Select the assessment you wish to test and check that the 'Online Testing' button is switched to green - this means the test is activated.
  2. Print student tokens by clicking on the green  'Student tokens' icon for the class group you want to test.
  3. Click on the ‘Print Passwords’ link and this will give you a printout of the student tokens for that assessment, formatted for ease of cutting into strips and handing to students.
  4. Direct students to  www.nzceronline.org.nz. From here they can enter their own unique token to start the online test.

Online tests can be accessed for demonstration purposes through the 'Demo' computer icons. Please note: results entered while using the demo test will not be recorded.

At any stage, the teacher or administrator for your school is able to click on the 'Online testing' button for an assessment to disable or re-enable student access to the online test.

As soon as the students have completed the assessment online the results and associated reports will be available to view.