The NZCER Marking website allows student data from a range of assessments to be entered, marked, and analysed.  The administrator role is used to control how the NZCER Marking website is used in a school.  If you are the administrator you can:

  • upload student details from the school’s student management system (SMS) database
  • create and edit user accounts for teachers
  • set up associations between users and class groups
  • create assessments for students to take
  • view reports across the school
  • create and modify class group information.
  • download data to export back into your SMS

An administrator should be the first point of contact at a school for any teachers who are using the site.

Site management

When you log into the NZCER Marking site you will be taken to the home page, from here you can access the site management page which contains the administration functions for the site.  You will find that most of the administrative functions are found in this section.

Important site aspects

There are several functions used on the site that are important to understand.  These include: teacher accounts, student records, class groups and assessments.

Teacher accounts

A teacher account needs to be created by the administrator for each teacher that needs access to the site.  Teachers will only be able to access the site with a username and password that has been provided by the administrator.  Teacher accounts have a more limited role than the administrator, for instance, they cannot view historical data.  Administrators control what current data teachers can see.

Student records

A student record is used to store student data.  It contains details about the students and any assessments they have completed.

Class groups

A class group is a collection of student records.  These will usually be based on the actual classes in a school.  For example, a class group called “Room 12″ will usually contain the student records for the students in the real Room 12.  Class groups are useful when students need to be assigned to an assessment, or when teachers want to view the records for a collection of students.  Class groups can be imported from an SMS or created individually.


An assessment is a collection of student data for a test.  The students have usually sat the test together and the assessment is the record of that event.  When a group of students complete a test, a website user can create an appropriate assessment (for instance PAT: Mathematics Test 3), assign students to it, enter their responses from the answer sheets, and view reports based on the assessment.  An assessment is also created when an administrator wants students to complete any of the assessments online.

Getting support for administrators

Most of the information you require will be available on the site to assist you. However, you can also contact the Assessment Services Team on or 04 802 1630 for further support.