We have added links below to sections that will be useful for you when using the NZCER Marking site.

Getting Started

For the most efficient use of the NZCER Marking site we strongly recommend uploading your student demographic data from your SMS using the SMS Upload function. This function allows you to import your student demographic data, create class groups and create required assessments in a few easy steps. It also means that once your assessment data has been entered it can be immediately exported back into your SMS removing the need for duplication of data.

Details for creating your SMS file can be found at here. Once you have created your file you can import it using the SMS Upload function.

Scanning Service

NZCER offers a scanning service to schools which electronically marks answer sheets for selected PAT assessments and uploads the data to the website. Scanning does involve an additional cost of $2 per student per test.

Further details about this service and how to use it can be found here.

Student Labels – For Scanned Answer Sheets

Student labels can be printed at your school and placed onto PAT answer sheets. Labels provide an accurate record of the student name and NSN ID. The NSN ID will be scanned and directly linked to the SMS demographic information that you have uploaded to NZCER Marking site. This process provides a highly accurate link between student details on the answer sheet and the demographic information logged on the NZCER Marking site. 

PAT Online

All assessments have the  option for students to sit the assessment online rather than through booklet and answer sheet format. NZCER Online does involve an additional cost per student per test.

Details on creating and using the NZCER Online assessments can be found here.

Manual Entry

This is when your school will be inputting your students’ responses onto the NZCER Marking site to generate the relevant reports.  Before you do this we recommend following the steps suggested under ‘Getting Started’ as this will enable you to add students and create the relevant assessments on the site ready for data entry.

Other Features

  • Shifting students: you can shift a student and their assessment results from one assessment and class group to another. Read more here.

  • Reporting over time: You can look at student year level results over two time points. The exciting part about these reports, is that in the filter options you are able to select different time points along with making a choice between viewing full cohorts of students at both time points or selecting only the students who were present at both time points. The later providing a way to analyse clean data sets that compares apples with apples. Read more here.

  • Printing the Reports

    We have added PDF functionality to a number of our reports to assist with the printing of reports. We will continue to do this until the functionality is available for the core reports over all subject areas.

    For reports without the PDF capability print settings on your browser must be adjusted to maximize the print quality of the reports. Detailed information is available here to assist with this.

    The reports are designed to be printed in colour.  Colour contrasts can be lost when reports are printed in black and white. If you are experiencing problems printing please try the suggestions here.

    If you are using the scanning service you can request NZCER to print the reports for you in colour at an additional cost.

    Use of Data

    Data kept on the NZCER Marking website is secure and confidential.  Users of the site can only access data that they themselves have entered or have been given access to by the school administrator.  To ensure full confidentiality passwords should not be shared.

    From time to time test development staff at NZCER use student data submitted to the site to monitor the performance of the tests.  Any data used in this way is first stripped of any features that identify the school or individual students.  If a school does not want NZCER to make use of their data they can request NZCER to not include their students by emailing assessmentservices@nzcer.org.nz.


    Following subscription to NZCER Marking an invoice will be sent to the school for the relevant amount depending on your choices.  Separate invoices for the scanning service and PAT Online will be sent if your school chooses to use these options.

    Additional Help

    If you need more support questions can be emailed to assessmentservices@nzcer.org.nz or call 04 802 1630.