It is possible to shift any student or group of students from one assessment group to a new assessment group. The one restriction on this is that the student/s can only be shifted to other assessment groups that are of the same year level. This requirement is essential to ensure the reporting is accurate.

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Shift Assessment' feature is available but has limited availability at this time. Please contact if you wish to have this activated on your NZCER Marking Site.

The following steps let you shift student assessments:
•Login as the with your school administrator account
•Select the appropriate test area (Maths, Comp, Vocab, Listening, Punctuation & Grammar, Science, STAR)
•Click on the view icon of the appropriate assessment group that the student/s belongs to
•Click on the ‘Students’ tab and select one or several students that you wish to move
•On the right hand side, click on the “Shift to assessment” button
•From here you will be guided through a five step wizard process to complete the process of shifting students.

This process will shift the student names, their complete assessment record for the selected test area and give you the opportunity to move the student/s to a new class group as well so that a new teacher could view their results. The choice of new assessment groups to choose from will only be ones of the same year level.