Teachers are created by the school administrator with rights to enter and use the NZCER Marking website. A teacher user can:

  • Create assessments
  • Assign students to an assessment and enter student data
  • View reports for an assessment
  • Create new student records

Site management

When you log into the NZCER Marking site you will be taken to the home page, from here you can access the site management page which contains the administration functions for the site. Teachers can use these pages when they want to. You will find that most of the administrative functions are found in this section.

The home page

The home page is used to provide announcements and to link users to the various pages on the site.

Test pages

There is a test page for each of the different tests supported by the site. These include PAT:Mathematics, PAT:Reading Comprehension, PAT:Reading Vocabulary, PAT:Listening Comprehension, PAT: Punctuation and Grammar, Science: Thinking with Evidence and STAR. These pages are used to access assessment data and reporting for each of the respective tests. Note: that schools can only enter data for the tests they have subscribed to.

Site management page

The site management page contains the administration functions for the site. Teachers use these pages when they want to view and modify student records or class groups.

Important site terms

There are several terms used on the site that are important to understand. These include: administrator, student records, class groups and assessments.


Each school has an NZCER Marking site administrator who controls how the site is used and accessed within the school. For instance, the administrator can control what school data teachers can access. If you have a problem with the site you should contact the administrator in your school.

Student records

A student record is used to store student data. It contains details about the students and any assessments they have completed.

Class groups

A class group is a collection of student records. These will be based on the actual classes in a school. For instance, a class group called “Room 12″ would contain the student records for the students in the real Room 12. Class groups are useful when students need to be assigned to an assessment, or when teachers want to view the records for a collection of students. Class groups can be imported from an SMS or created individually. The school NZCER Marking administrator controls which class groups a teacher is allowed to work with.


An assessment is a collection of student data for a test. The students have usually sat the test together and the assessment records the event. When a group of students complete a test, a teacher user can create an appropriate assessment (for instance PAT: Mathematics Test 3), assign students to it, enter student responses from the answer sheets, and view reports based on the assessment. An assessment is also created when an administrator wants students to complete a PAT:Mathematics or PAT:Reading Vocabulary Test online.

Where to start if you plan to enter your own data

When you first log in if there are no assessments created on the site please check with the administrator if they intend to use the SMS Upload or not. Using the SMS Upload will mean all of the relevant student data is on the NZCER Marking site and will lead to a easy and simple process for exporting results back into your school’s SMS.

If you are creating all of your assessments manually you can find instructions for creating assessments here and instructions on creating students here.  Once the student or students are assigned to the assessment you can enter their data. Use the drop down box on the right of the screen to select a student’s name. Note, that you don’t have to assign or create all your students at once; they can be entered individually as you enter the data. 

Entering the data involves typing in the student’s response for each question in the test. It is very important to press ‘save’ each time the data for a student has been entered or edited. This makes sure that the data is inserted into the database. If you forget to press save and move on, the data will be lost.

Once the  data has been entered you can go and view reports. To do this return to the test page which contains the assessment and choose ‘Reports’ on the top menu. The reports page will list the assessments you have access to and provide a range of reports that you can generate. An explanation for each report can be found on the Help pages.

Where to start if your school used the scanning service

If your school used the scanning service to scan student answer sheets your interaction with the site will be quite different. In this case the data will be loaded onto the site as part of the automated marking process and your administraor will give you access to your students’ data. Your first step will involve looking at the reports. To do this go to the test page you are interested in, for instance PAT:Mathematics and click ‘reports’ on the top menu bar. Find the assessment you are interested in from the list shown and choose the report you want to look at (the ‘List Report’ can be a good place to start).

If you find that a student record needs to be changed (for instance, the name is spelled incorrectly) you can edit details or if you have some data to enter for a new student you can go to the test page, select the assessment from the list shown and click on the ‘data entry’ icon. This will take you to the data entry page where you can find an existing student’s name in the drop down box on the right hand side or, for a new student, click on ‘Add new or existing student’ to assign the new student to the assessment and enter their data. Remember, to press save each time you enter new data or edit existing data.