Administrator Role

The administrator is responsible for setting up and overseeing the NZCER Marking website in their school.  The administrator can associate a user with appropriate class groups to enable the user to see results and reports for those class groups.  The Administrator is the only person who can create or edit user details.

Teacher Role

The teacher role allows users  to enter NZCER test results and generate reports via the website.  Teachers will only be able to view results and reports for class groups they have been associated with by the administrator.

Available functions

The different functions that are available for the different roles include:

  • Manage users (administrator only)
  • Manage class groups
  • Change passwords
  • Reset passwords (administrator only)
  • Data entry
  • Reports: -
    • Report by assessment
    • Report by test number (administrator only)
    • Report by year (administrator only)
  • Data download (administrator only)
  • Student search (administrator only)