The administrator can view the reporting over time function.

When you access the reporting pages for any of the test areas, you are presented with a range of reports. If you scroll to the very bottom of this page, you will see that you now have the ability to look at reporting over time. The reports provide box plot and stanine representations of your school data at two selectable time points.

Report Over Time

An example of the stanine report will look like the following. It will show two time points and provide a range of statistical information for comparative purposes.

Stanine over time

In the top right hand corner you can see a ‘filters’ button and this allows you to select additional options that will help for greater data analysis. Of particular importance is the ability to be able to select ‘whole cohort’ data (the default setting), or if you have national student numbers (NSNs) for each data set, then you will be able to select ‘match only’ data which generates a report only for students who were present at both time points. You will see it is also possible to change the time points over different terms or different years.