Initial Site Set Up by the Administrator

NZCER recommends that schools use the SMS Upload function to load students in their classes onto the site. Students can be created manually and assigned to classes and assessments, but this process takes a lot longer than the SMS upload.  If for any reason you cannot use the SMS Upload function, described below please contact us at and we will be able to help.

Process for Schools Testing students online


  1. Check that your school has subscribed to NZCER marking for the calendar year. You can subscribe here: 
  2. Upload your student demographic data from your SMS to the website. This is a 2-step process:
    1. Create the upload file in your Student Management System. More information can be found here: Creating an SMS file
    2. Use the upload wizard in NZCER Marking which can be accessed from the ‘Site Management’ page. Instructions can be found here: Uploading the SMS file to NZCER Marking 
  3. Check, Edit or Create Teacher accounts. Each teacher using the site needs to have their own Teacher account, username and password. Teacher accounts are carried over from previous years, but each year the Administrator will need to update staff details, to remove staff who have left the school, or to add new staff. Instructions can be found here: Create Teacher Account
  4. Assign Teachers to classes. This will enable teachers to view and edit their classes, add test data and view class reports. Only the administrator can Assign Teachers to Classes
  5. Print the student tokens for online testing from the subject page and distribute them to your students.
  6. Students go to, input their access code and complete the test.
  7. Marking is completed automatically and reports are available almost immediately after the test is completed by the student.