Dear Principal / Mathematics Leader,

Please ensure you pass this email on to the person who is leading MST in your school and work with them to ensure the process is followed.

NZCER are contracted to gather the student data for the MST project in 2016. To begin this process you will need to register for NZCER’s MST site.

NB: For schools already registered with NZCER Marking, please note that the MST intervention requires a separate registration with NZCER.

Please complete the web form below to confirm your school's contact details for the MST project (use ctrl + click). Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the relevant information about how the data will be collected and how to choose the testing materials.


Please submit this information by 19th February 2016. 


Registration for NZCER/MST data collection  

If you can’t access the web form above, copy and paste this URL:


If you have any problem with the registration process please call the DDI below or We look forward to working with you on the project throughout the year.


Kind regards,

Jo Pegler and Melanie Dickinson

New Zealand Council for Educational Research | DDI: 04 802 1398 |