Dear ALiM Teacher,

Thank you for your registering for NZCER’s ALiM data collection site. In this email we will:

- Request student information from you to both set up your ALiM website and ensure you receive the necessary PAT: Mathematics materials to begin

- Provide information about which PAT test to choose for which student

- Provide details of key dates for data collection.


As part of the ALiM project you will be asked to test your selected students at different times to measure the effect of the intervention on their position and their progress through the curriculum.


Numbers of students 

Each teacher involved in ALiM Year 2 will select 3 students from their ALiM group at random and enter those students’ data for the year (i.e. the NSN numbers for the students will be the same for all sets of data entry).


Data Collection

- OTJs for students for the end of 2015 and end of 2016

- PAT: Mathematics results for the beginning and end of intervention and end of year.


As the ALiM Teacher it is your responsibility to ensure your school has submitted the correct data in the right place by set dates.

The following explains what information NZCER requires from your school to set up your ALiM site and ensure the process goes smoothly.


School and Student Details Spreadsheet

Making sure the details on this Spreadsheet are correct is important for accurate data analysis. The demographic data will be in your SMS and will be easily transferred.

Choosing the appropriate PAT test at each time point is crucial to measure both the position and progress outcomes of your students. PATs are designed carefully to reflect average progress through the curriculum. The ALiM project is for students making less than average progress. You will be given tests that are at the the students’ actual ability level, not year level. It is important that the initial testing process makes them feel confident in what they do know and sets them up to really engage with the ALiM programme.

Beginning of Intervention Test

The Spreadsheet asks you to choose the pre-intervention test based on the 2015 OTJ for that student. NZCER has assigned the test below that position (Table below) to provide relevant diagnostic information for teachers about what a student knows and doesn’t know, with the advantage of promoting confidence in each student.

Use the year level they were positioned at in the end of 2015 OTJ to choose a test.  If a student is working at Level 1 of the curriculum, please get them to do Test 1A

Student’s OTJ position at the end of 2015

Beginning of Intervention Test

After 3 Years of School

*Test 1A

At the end of year 4

Test 1

At the end of year 5

Test 2

At the end of year 6

Test 3

* May still be too difficult

Subsequent testing

NZCER will provide the appropriate materials to use for both before, after and end of year assessments using the information provided in the Spreadsheet.

Data Submission

1. Open the spreadsheet ATTACHED to this email

2. Enter your student demographic data and the test chosen for Beginning of Intervention

3. Please submit your spreadsheet to NZCER using the data submission web form below – CTRL + CLICK on the hyper link:

ALiM data submission web form 

If you can’t access the web link above, copy and paste this URL:

With the student information you provide, NZCER will set up your ALiM website. You will enter the data into this dedicated website: NZCER will provide access details for this site when you submit the ALiM Data Submission form (see above), and forward the relevant materials to your school.

Once the students have sat the appropriate test, teachers enter student responses into the correct assessment on the website.

Key Dates:




Due date for ALiM student information and test choice to be provided


Due date for end of 2015 OTJ and PAT: Mathematics results for the beginning of intervention


Due date for PAT: Mathematics results for the end of intervention


Due date for end of 2016 OTJ and PAT: Mathematics results for the end of 2016


ALiM Year 2 Only

In order to measure the effectiveness of the ALiM project the Ministry of Education has asked NZCER to collect longitudinal data for your students who took part in the project in 2015.  We will contact you later in the year regarding this with further information.  We will only be collecting assessment data for these students at the end of 2016.


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Jo Pegler & Melanie Dickinson

New Zealand Council for Educational Research | DDI: 04 802 1398 |