At this time it is not possible for you to upload your SchoolMaster file yourself, but the process below allows you to create a file that can be emailed to NZCER to be uploaded on your behalf.

  1. Click on the student records tab
  2. Click on the writer icon
  3. Click on new report
  4. Type in NZCER export in the title and then tab
  5. Type in NZCER in group and tab
  6. Click on the add fields to report button
  7. Double click on
  8. National_Student_Number
  9. Enrolment_Number
  10. LastName
  11. FirstName
  12. Last_PreferredName
  13. User_ID
  14. Room
  15. Year_
  16. Gender
  17. Ethnic_Group
  18. Click OK
  19. Click on Save changes to report
  20. Click on NZCER then NZCER Export and Run report
  21. Click on Select icon and select appropriate year levels (eg; click on choice 1 box for Year_ and highlight 3, 4, 5 and 6 etc and click ok)
  22. Click on Save to File
  23. Save the file onto your desktop or somewhere handy – with an easy to recognize name
  24. Open a blank Excel document
  25. Go to File and OpenChange the File type to all fields, choose the exported file and open
  26. Go through the text import wizard (Next, next and finish).

You will then need to insert a row at the top and type in the headers so it has the same columns as below, as well as inserting columns for Schoolname etc. Use the autofill to fill these in.

The Fields required are:

NSN (National Student Number), SMS (Enrolment Number), surname, first name, full name, School_name, School ID, Roomname (Room), year, term, gender, Ethnicity (Ethnic Group).

Click on File > Save as to a .csv type file.

For any issues, please contact the SchoolMaster Helpdesk on (03) 230-4096.