Some students may require extra support to sit the PAT, and NZCER fully support the use of a reader and/or writer where appropriate. We recommend the following guidelines.

  • If a student requires a reader, then the Reading Comprehension and Reading Vocabulary PATs and STAR Reading Test are not suitable tests for that student. We would suggest using the Listening Comprehension PAT instead.
  • A reader/writer can be used for the following tests: Mathematics PAT, Science: Thinking With Evidence, and Punctuation and Grammar PAT.
  • The Te Reo Māori assessment allows learners to click on an icon and have both the question and answer options read to them.
  • If a reader/writer is used, the student will need more time to complete the test than is stated in the teacher manual. This does not invalidate the result, as the scale score still be an accurate measure of student ability. However, that score will not be able to be compared to national reference data and so any stanine reported will be invalid.