Welcome to NZCER Assist.

Welcome aboard to our exciting new online platform - NZCER Assist since 2021 for PATs, STAR, Science (Junior and Senior), Te Reo Māori and surveys. 

Some exciting features of our user-friendly platform include:

  • NZCER Assist is designed for both online testing and entering data for paper-based testing.
  • Our subscriptions are annual, this means flexibility in using the subjects to test students throughout the year.
  • Automatic creation of assessments, classes and tokens for online testing. Learners get assigned to their defaulted year level tests  upon SMS upload.
  • Teachers can have their own individual accounts, be assigned to their classes, administer tests and view reports. 
  • Once the testing is complete all the data can be downloaded into a CSV file.

What is new for existing schools? 

Learners who are not currently active in 2022 have been archived. Admins can un-archive learners at any point in Assist.(Note: The SMS upload will unarchive students and make them active current users.)

If you wish to remove a staff that has left your school, you can archive their account. This will mean they can no longer access the school's NZCER Assist account.

To set up your site for Term 2 testing, please follow the steps below: (Click on the links below for more information)

Step 2: Subscribe for the assessments and surveys that you wish to use this year. (Click here for information on subscription costs).

(Note: Please contact us on assessmentservices@nzcer.org.nz if your SMS upload has failed)

More actions after the SMS Upload (If applicable)

(a) Create adaptive tests

(b) Create tests for differentiation

            (b): Data enter after completing pen and paper tests (Click here for information on ordering pen and paper tests).

For more information on completing tasks in NZCER Assist please click here

To further analyse your own student data to support teaching and learning programmes phone or email to register a workshop with one of our education advisors.

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