What is NZCER Assist?

NZCER Assist is our new online platform that replaces the NZCER Marking site.  We are excited to go-live with our new and improved site for 2021. We have combined the best parts of the Marking site with a range of new features to offer our customers an improved online experience.  During 2021 we will continue to roll out further enhancements and reporting options, with a focus on aggregated and over-time reporting during Term 1, 2021. We look forward to your feedback and supporting your use of Assist in 2021 and beyond!! 

Please see our user guides (Admin and Teacher) plus our FAQ section for more information and support.

Go to https://www.nzcerassist.org.nz/login to register or login.

See https://www.nzcer.org.nz/tests/nzcer-assist-new-online-platform-2021 for news and announcements about new features coming soon to NZCER Assist.


  1. Can I use my NZCER Marking Site Credentials to log into NZCER Assist?  
  2. I have registered my details into NZCER Assist, but cannot log in, what should I do? 
  3. What is the Organisation on-boarding link for?  
  4. How do I reset my password? 
  5. Why do I need to know my school's MoE number? 
  6. How do I know if my organisation is registered in NZCER Assist? 7. Why am I getting an error message?
  7. Why am I always getting logged out?


  1. How can teachers create their own accounts?
  2. Can teachers see each others classes?
  3. How do I data enter PAT and STAR results?
  4. How can I export tokens?


  1. How can I change the Admin user? 
  2. Can I have two Admin users under the same organisation?
  3. How can I change user roles?
  4. How can I get my staff transferred/added to NZCER Assist platform?


  1. How can I subscribe to assessments? 
  2. Can teachers subscribe for assessments?
  3. What are the subscription, subject and survey fees?
  4. How can I create assessments within Assist?

Accessing historic data and reports on NZCER Marking

  1. How can I login to NZCER Marking? 
  2. Can we subscribe for any products on NZCER Marking?
  3. Can I use my NZCER Marking credentials to login to NZCER Assist?
  4. What has happened to data for our school on the NZCER Marking Site?
  5. How can I view my reports in the (old) Marking Site?

 SMS upload and download files

  1. How can I upload my SMS file in NZCER Assist? 
  2. Have there been any changes to the NZCER SMS files (upload and download)?
  3. What has happened to school data on the NZCER Marking Site?
  4. How can I migrate the data from NZCER Marking Site to NZCER Assist?
  5. Can I do multiple SMS file uploads?
  6. My SMS file won’t upload, and it keeps showing errors, what should I do?
  7. I do not have a SMS vendor, how can I upload my file into Assist?
  8. We are a small school, do we have to do an SMS upload?
  9. What happens after I have done my SMS and have subscribed for a new assessment?