NZCER Assist Admin

  • How can I change the Admin user?

The first user to register a school becomes the Admin of the organisation by default. You can change the Admin user by creating another user in the Organisation Users page, then assigning them the Admin role (under the Edit/Update user option). You can have multiple Admin users as needed.

IMPORTANT - If your school has made use of the Wellbeing@School survey toolkit between 2012-2019 then your school will already exist in NZCER Assist. This process created an admin account based on the information held in our previous W@S survey system. If you are trying to join your school (as an Admin user) and you are prompted to "request to join organisation" please contact our team at - as our team will need to confirm your join request and assign you the Admin role.

  • Can I have two Admin users under the same organisation?

Yes, you can have multiple Admin accounts for accessing NZCER Assist. Simply register yourself using the on-board link provided by your Admin and they can then confirm the level of access for you. This can be useful where you have different staff looking after your assessment and survey activity.

  • How can I change user roles?

You can change the user roles by following the steps below, or contact Professional Services team and we can help you do that.

Steps to change user roles:

  • Step 1: Click on Organisation Users
  • Step 2: Click on the Edit Icon 
  • Step 3: Change the user role by using the drop down
  • Step 4: Update User.

  • How can I get my staff transferred/added to NZCER Assist platform?

NZCER strongly recommends using the On board link that is listed on the Organisation Users screen when logged on as an Admin. That link will prompt users to create an account (if they haven't already), then it will assign the Teacher role for those users. This means the Admin won’t have to create Teacher or Administrator accounts manually.


If a user does not yet have an Assist account, they will be prompted to create one. If a they are currently connected to an organisation, then using the link will ensure they are granted the Teacher role.

Please note: The On board link will grant a Teacher role by default. The Admin will need to edit a new user's profile if an Administrator role is required.