Teacher related FAQ

  • How can teachers create their own accounts?

We strongly recommend the school Admin/s use the organisation on-boarding link to create teachers accounts. Sharing this link with your teachers prompts them to create an NZCER Assist account that is connected to your school. Creating an account using this link also grants the teacher role to the new user. This avoids the school Admin having to manually create Teacher accounts. Alternatively, a user can register manually via the NZCER Assist home page.

In the Organisation Users section you can add teachers to your Assist site in one of two ways:

(1) Using the on-board link 

You can copy the orange coloured on-board link and email this out to your teachers. If the teachers do not already have an Assist account they will then be prompted to create one. 

If the teachers already have an Assist account, they will need to log-in with their account details and their user account will be connected to your school.

Please note:

  • Usernames cannot be email addresses.
  • Usernames are case sensitive.
  • If the email address section is auto filling, please delete and manually enter the email address.

(2) Manually create a user 

You can also manually create users within the system: Organisation Users> On top of the screen> Create User.

Fill out the form and share the username and password with your teachers.

  • Can teachers see each others classes?

Users with the teacher role can only see students, classes, and assessments that they are assigned to. Multiple teachers can be assigned to both classes and assessments if needed. Admin users can view all students, classes and assessments for your school.

  • How do I data enter PAT and STAR results?

Please follow this link.

  • How can I export tokens?

Admins and teachers can export tokens for online testing.

Step 1: Click on dashboard

Step 2: Choose the assessment from the subscribed assessments

Step 3: Click on manage users (people looking icon) 

Step 4: Click on export tokens (on top right hand-side of the screen)

A dialogue box will pop up asking whether you want to export the tokens as PDF or CSV file

Step 6: Choose the option and export the tokens