• How can I upload my SMS file in NZCER Assist?

A number of SMS vendors can produce an NZCER SMS upload file in their systems. This enables schools using those SMS systems to create an upload file that automatically creates students, classes, and assessments. Admins can upload this file on the Admin screen. 

  • Have there been any changes to the NZCER SMS files (upload and download)?

We want to confirm for SMS vendors that there have been no changes to our existing file formats for upload (SMS) or download (data/results). Documentation provided is still accurate and relevant to SMS uploads and data downloads within our new NZCER Assist site. If you are an SMS vendor and would like more information please contact us at assessmentservices@nzcer.org.nz

  •  What has happened to school data on the NZCER Marking Site?

All your historic assessment and survey data is available for access in NZCER Marking Site. Users can still view their reports and download data at www.nzcermarking.org.nz.

  • How can I migrate the data from NZCER Marking Site to NZCER Assist?

Admin users will not be able to migrate their data from the NZCER Marking Site to NZCER Assist: The Assessment Services team will begin migrating the data later in the year – with further updates to be sent to schools. However, schools can do a fresh SMS upload for this year - 2021.

  • Can I do multiple SMS file uploads?

Yes you can. You can upload multiple SMS files to create and update classes without duplicating yor school set up.  

Please note that if you subscribe to a new subject, running the upload again would create assessments and classes (if included in the file) for that subject.

  • My SMS file won’t upload, and it keeps showing errors, what should I do?

While our specifications for our upload and download files remains the same sometimes errors may be encountered. When uploading a file the Admin will see progress updates and receive further information (on-screen) about any errors in the file, or confirmation of a successful upload.

If your upload is unsuccessful due to any reason, contact the Assessment Services team for support.

  • I do not have a SMS vendor, how can I upload my file into Assist?

If you do not have an SMS vendor, or your SMS vendor does not offer an NZCER upload file feature, you can use one our NZCER approved SMS Excel File Template to enter details of your students and classes. Send it back to us and we will complete the upload for you.

  • We are a small school, do we have to do an SMS upload?

No. Any school, irrespective of size, can manually create students, classes, and assessments as needed. If you are setting up small numbers of students it is likely to be faster to do this manually than to prepare an SMS file for our team to process for you. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • What happens after I have done my SMS and have subscribed for a new assessment?

If you have subscribed for an assessment after SMS file upload, you will have to reprocess the file to create new assessments.

Steps to do that are as below:
Step 1: Subscribe for the assessment.
Step 2: Go to Admin

Step 3: Upload your SMS file

Step 4: Once the file has been validated, click on the process button

Step 5: Wait till the processing is finished
Step 6: Refresh your screen.
All the assessments will appear for you.