This article will includes steps for adding teachers and users within the system.

  • How to create assessments?

Both admin and teachers can create assessments from the subscribed assessments.

Step 1: Choose the PAT assessment within which you want to create assessment.

Step 2: Click on create assessment

Step 3: Fill out the details.

Step 4: Your assessment is created.

  • How do I add teachers to assessments?

Only an admin user can add teachers within an assessment.

Step 1 : Log into

Step 2: Go to CLASSES and select the Room  you want to add teachers into.

Step 3:  Click on Manage Teachers icon  


Step 4: Click on Add Teachers

Step 5: Select the teachers you want add to the assessment. and CLICK the + button

NB: teachers can be assigned to multiple classes - this is useful for Team leaders/HODs

  • How do I add students to assessments?

Both admins and teachers can add students to an assessment. 

Step 1: Choose the assessment that you want to add students to.

Step 2: Click on Manage Users icon on the right hand side of the screen under actions

Step 3: Select the students you want to add to the assessment.

Step 4: Adding students to an assessment generates their unique token. Needed for them to complete their assessment online.