Admins can upload a CSV excel file from their SMS into NZCER Assist.

Step 1: Click on Admin

Step 2: Click on SMS Upload tab - if the screen is not defaulted (top of the screen, under Admin)

Step 3: Drag and drop the CSV file, or click to select a file

Once the file is uploaded, Assist will validate the file, or advise if there are issues with the file.

Step 4: Click on the process button to start the SMS upload process


Step 5: Choose the classes, subjects, create assessment, confirm and finish

Step 6: Click on Upload SMS 

Your SMS upload will be completed. The SMS upload will create assessments, classes and student profiles.

For more information about SMS providers click here. (Please note: some of the information in the link will refer to NZCER Marking. NZCER Marking is our old site and we are in the process of updating our solutions page.)