Admins will have to download a NZCER CSV file from their SMS system before uploading it into NZCER Assist.

If your SMS system is not listed below and you wish to upload a CSV file into Assist, please contact your SMS provider to inquire about the development of this function as it may be available but not yet known to us or else, please email us on and we will assist you.

Please note: The file generated by your SMS will only contain students that have a complete NSN record. It is therefore essential to ensure that your SMS records have been through the Get Check NSN process from Enrol, prior to using this functionality. Once you have prepared your CSV file with your student details, you can upload this file in the admin section of your Assist site.

Notes on how to download the NZCER CSV file from your SMS system are as follows:

KAMAR (Links to KAMAR's website)

MUSAC - Edge (Link to MUSAC-Edge's website)

HERO (Link to Hero's website)


  • Log into eTap as the the eTap administrator
  • Click on 'Admin Tools'
  • Click on 'NZCER Download/Upload'. You should see a box like this:

  • Choose the year groups that you wish to import into NZCER, and select the relevant term
  • Click on 'Generate an Import File'. This will save to your computer. Do not open the file at this stage.

MUSAC – Classic

  • Log on to Classroom Manager – Administrator version.on
  • Click on ‘Other Utilities’
  • Click on asTTle and NZCER Utilities
  • Click on ‘Export NZCER data’
  • Choose the ‘Term’
  • Select where you would like to save your ‘csv’ file
  • Decide on your selection of students ‘optional – your current filter will apply.
  • Click ‘Proceed’

Note: If you receive a message advising some students will not be included, this is because the student does not have an NSN. You may at this point choose to continue (adding the missing students in manually) or return later to your MUSAC program to download the latest NSN identifier’s for the required students. The ‘omitted.csv’ file will be useful for identifying which students require updating.


Please use the instructions to complete a SMS upload using Assembly.mbly

  • Administration > Reports > Export Reports > locate the NZCER export Or, type ‘NZCER’ into the Search filter box for faster location of the report.
  • Click the printer icon.
  • A new window will open in your browser and a parameter sheet allows you to choose your student grouping.
  • Select the Year Levels > click [Submit]
  • The report will generate.
  • Click the Export icon and select .csv


MUSAC hosted by Edtech

  • If your school has MUSAC hosted by Edtech you should refer to your manual – MUSAC Classic – which is available in the Cloud Site Manual. You should have a link directly to the manual but if not please email for this. 


  • At this time it is not possible for you to upload your SchoolMaster file yourself, but the process below allows you to create a file that can be emailed to NZCER to be uploaded on your behalf.