The administrator for the site has the ability to create an export file that can be imported back into your student management system (SMS). Please note: this function will only work if student NSN IDs are recorded in the NZCER Marking website.

  1. Login to the website
  2. Click on 'Download' in the header menu
  3. Select the relevant tick boxes for the data you wish to generate and choose the ‘SMS Download’ option. (This will only contain students with a National Student Number (NSN).
  4. You will then be asked if you would like to open or save this file, click ‘OK’.
  5. Save the csv file to a location that you can easily access, this is now ready to upload into your SMS system.

Once you have created and saved your SMS Download file you should follow your relevant SMS vendors instructions on how to import this file.

The following SMS providers have provided brief notes on importing the NZCER Download file into your SMS:

MUSAC hosted by Edtech
If your school has MUSAC hosted by Edtech you should refer to your manual – MUSAC Classic – which is available in the Cloud Site Manual. You should have a link directly to the manual but if not please email for this.