The Individual test item report provides a detailed overview of how a test group responded to each test item.

Click on the ‘Individual test item report’ icon individual test item in the row belonging to the test group you want the report for.  It is linked to the Individual reports via student name. Clicking on a student’s name in the table will generate an Individual report for that student on this test.

Question numbers are displayed at the top and bottom of the page, so you can jump between test questions as you like.

For Mathematics, a list of related questions within the test is displayed. Clicking on any of the related numbers will generate the Individual test item report for the related item.  Further links into the ARB website are given at the bottom of the page. These may be useful for follow up study in possible areas of weakness indicated by the Individual test item report.

When you have finished with the report click on the ‘close’ button close in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Individual Test Item Report

Click on the report to view full size image