The Scale Score Report shows how the students in a class are distributed along the scale.  It also provides a comparison with national reference group data by showing the stanine distribution for a chosen year group. 

Understanding the report

The report positions each student in a test group on scale, for example, the PAT: Mathematics scale, according to their achievement in the test. A shortened form of the student’s name is used. Teachers can use this report in the following ways:

  • Organising ability groupings
  • Partnering students for peer mentoring
  • Comparing student progress against national norms (stanines) remembering that they are  Term 1 stanines
  • Following a line of analysis by investigating individual reports of the same scale levels
  • Tracking and recording the test group's scale progress from one scale report to another 

It is important to remember that a student’s location on the scale is not a precise point.  Each scale score always has a margin of error attached to it which takes into account that if the student sat the same test over several days, their raw score would probably vary a little. Applying the margin of error acknowledges that, and defines an area of the scale, therefore a level of the curriculum, the student is working in.

Links to other reports

Clicking on a student’s name will take you directly to the Individual Report for that student.


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