The List Report provides a summary of results for a group of students who have taken the same test. Each individual’s results are provided as well as summary statistics for the whole group.  Teachers/management can navigate statistics quickly to either answer questions they have regarding the subject, or to highlight trends and patterns that require further investigation

List Reports  contain the following group and individual statistics:

Test group statistics

  • Number in class
  • The class mean on the subject scale alongside the year group's national mean  (in brackets) 
  • The standard deviation of class estimates - i.e. the range of scores either side of the mean that most students fall into
  • A mean stanine for the class - national mean is always stanine 5

Individual statistics

  • The raw test score
  • The scale estimate with margin of error
  • The number of items omitted
  • An individual stanine score


Using the List Report

The List Report is a navigation tool to quickly identify distribution and position of whole class or cohorts within the class using the scale, stanine, or raw score. NB:Raw score can make comparisons problematic if students have answered questions of varying scale difficulty - this is not recommended. 

Filters can be used to isolate cohort score summaries.

  •  Use the triangles at the top of each list to

                  - order names alphabetically to easily locate a student

                  - order the raw scores and the scale and stanines columns will order also - use this to find cohorts of students - below, or stanine 6/7 etc

  • Quickly compare scale progress alongside List report of previous testing
  • Click on student names to view Individual reports - speeds up investigation into strengths and weaknesses
  • Use the search button for individual names or search for students with the same stanine