The Stanine Report displays the stanine score distribution for a group of students on a particular test. The results are displayed using a small student icon. A key is used to show how many students each icon represents. Hover over each icon to display information about the actual student/students the icon represents. If the icon represents a single student, clicking on the icon will take the user to the Individual Report for that student.

The Stanine Report filters can be used to display cohorts e.g boys, girls and ethnicities or any combinations of those cohorts as it is possible to use both genders, or gender and ethnicity filters at the same time.


Using the Stanine Report

Stanines are a Term 1 statistic and require careful interpretation in Terms 2, 3 & 4.  The Stanine Report is useful to:

  • Review the distribution of the whole school, year level, class, or cohort to  make comparisons within the school.
  •  Stanines are grouped to show the percentage of students at different learning levels and provide national reference data comparisons (in brackets)
  • Percentages or numbers of students across the nine stanines can be reviewed for shift when comparing two stanine reports.
  • Filters can identify cohorts and hovering over  icons can identify students.