Why should I do an SMS Upload? 

NZCER highly recommends that all students on the NZCER Marking website are associated with their NSN number. The quickest way to achieve this is by SMS upload. The SMS upload process creates assessments for you in the subjects you choose. Once your assessments have been created you can enter test data any way you wish; e.g., any combination of students sitting online, manual entry by teacher or having your answer sheets scanned and data uploaded by NZCER.


The benefits of having your student test data associated matched with student demographic data (including the NSN number) are that you will be able to:

· transfer test results back to your SMS;

· view our new Reports Over Time which use the NSN number as a unique identifier;

· save time in organising students into their correct classes;

· improve the accuracy of data held on the NZCER Marking site, including ethnicity, for more correct filtered reporting;

· eliminate the problem of duplication of student records in the database.

How do I create and import an SMS file into my marking site? 

To create an SMS File to import student details Click here 

To import this SMS File into your Marking Site to add students and create assessment groups Click here

If your school does not have a Student Management System or your SMS doesn't support the creation of an upload file for NZCER, we can upload your student demographic data for you. Simply fill out the attached spreadsheet and email it to us at assessmentservices@nzcer.org.nz