As an administrator, getting yourself and your teachers set up for testing is crucial.  To begin, NZCER highly recommends that all students on the NZCER Marking website are associated with their NSN number. The quickest way to achieve this is by SMS Upload . The SMS upload process creates assessments for you in the subjects you choose. Once your assessments have been created you can enter test data any way you wish; e.g., any combination of students sitting online, manual entry by teacher or having your answer sheets scanned and data uploaded by NZCER.

Once you have student information in the NZCER Marking website each teacher will need a username and password . The administrator is the only person in the school who can create a teacher account. Once a teacher account has been set up in your site the administrator needs to attach them to a class group(s). Teachers will only be able to view assessments for class(es) they have been assigned to.  Once a teacher is associated with a class group they can view assessment reports for students in the class, assign them to new assessments, and enter test data.