Admins and teachers can manually enter data for learners sitting paper-based assessments.

Step 1: Click on Dashboard

Step 2: Choose the assessment from the subscribed assessments

Step 3: Click on manage users (people looking icon) 

Step 4: Click on the data entry icon (keyboard looking icon)

Step 5: Enter data for the learner by typing the letter of the response or clicking the appropriate response

Step 6: Click create

Student data record will be created.

Users can update the record too and click Update once completed.


1. When some of the items are missing answer text in addition to the A-E or A-D options, the missing text is when the learner is interacting with an image, where the answer options (multiple choices) may be images themselves. We do not show that through the data entry screen so that teachers can keep working through their answer sheets rather than through the test booklets.

2. On your data entry screen if a question's answer has a tick next to it, this means the ticked option is the correct answer for that question. This is a newly added feature which shows the user the correct answer to a question. For example: In the screenshot shown below, E is the correct answer to the question, but the child answered A, so the teacher/admin user enters A as the answer. This prompts the user that the child answered the question incorrectly. 

Another way of checking whether a student's data has been entered or not is looking at their token status. 

  • Registered:  There is no data for this token.
  • Started: There is partial data for this token.
  • Finished/Closed: Data has been entered and the teacher/admin clicked on create button at the end of the process.