A CSV file can be downloaded from your Student Management System. When uploaded, this file will generate student records and create assessment groups for the subjects that you select.  It will also create token codes for online testing, scripts for data entry classes and imports all the student details in our Assist site.

To find more information about creating this file in your SMS click here. 

Admins are the only users in Assist that can upload a CSV file from their SMS into NZCER Assist. The SMS upload should be completed each term you want to assess as this is the most efficient way to create assessment groups and update student records.

There are two main steps for completing the SMS upload process:

(a) Uploading and validating the file

(b) Processing the file

(a) Uploading and validating the file

Step 1: Click on Admin

Step 2: Click on SMS Upload tab - if the screen is not defaulted (top of the screen, under Admin)

Step 3: Drag and drop the CSV file, or click to select a file to seek your file

Once the file is uploaded, Assist will validate the file, or advise if there are issues with the file.

(b) Processing the file

Step 4: Click on the process button under Action on the right-hand side of the screen


Step 5: Go though the steps and the classes and click next.

Step 6: Choose the subjects and click next.

Step 7: Create assessments and click next.

For defaulting all tests to Adaptive tests, click on the drop down box under the subject and choose Adaptive when creating assessments.

Step 8: Click on Upload SMS 

Your SMS upload will be completed. The SMS upload will create assessments, classes and student profiles.