Action button functions on dashboard

1. Preview: Allows to preview the rest of the assessment as a user without recording any data.

2. Manage Teachers: Allows to manage teachers within the organisation. Usually administered by the organisation’s admin.

3. Manage Users: Allows users to add, remove and move learners to another assessments from the dashboard view. Users would also click on manage users option to complete manual data entry.

4. Reports: The reporting is similar to the legacy Marking Site reports. Users can view all the reports under this tab.

5. Edit : Users can manually edit assessment groups and change the type of assessment and assessment name too.

7. Enable/ Disable: Users can enable or disable assessments from the dashboard.

8. Delete: Please note - Users cannot delete an assessment group where at least one student data record has been generated. Users can remove an assessment group by clicking on the remove button where there are no student data records.