Users can create accounts in NZCER Assist by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to NZCER Assist ( in your browser

Step 2: Click on Sign Up Now (at the bottom of the box)

Step 3: Fill out the registration details to create a new account

Step 4: Check your inbox for an activation link

Step 5: After you have activated your account, log in with your details in Assist

Step 6: Click on create/join an organisation

Step 7: Enter your school's MoE number

Step 8: Select Join

Step 9: Once  you get a blank screen contact us on with subject line as:         Admin User Rights, please include your school's MoE number in the body of the mail. 

Once our team has confirmed your request, your account in NZCER Assist will be created.

Step 10: Login into NZCER Assist with your account details and click Sign In

Please note: The Assist site supports on all Google Chrome browsers from 90's onwards.