The Individual Report 

The Individual Report maps how well a student has performed on the different questions within a test. Although the Individual Reports for all  PATs/STAR/S:TwE look quite different, they are all built on a set of common concepts.

The Individual Report  displays the questions against the tested subject scale. The questions are grouped according to the strand/texts/concept or skill they are associated with. The Report Key explains student responses.

The student's scale position is shown by the dotted line which intersects the scale and the stanine score distributions for three different year levels.The highlighting around the dotted line is used to indicate the margin of error associated with the student’s score. If the test could be repeated, we would expect the student to score in the range indicated by the highlighting about two thirds of the time. Students who achieve very highly or very poorly on a test will have a larger error associated with their score.

Typically, a student is more likely to answer correctly the questions listed below the line than above it. When a question is located well below the line there is a strong expectation that the question will be answered correctly. In contrast, it is very unlikely that a question located well above the line will be answered correctly.

The SHOW QUESTIONS reveals a second page containing question descriptions, organisation and ordering functions. The SHOW STRAND/TEXT  and SHOW LIST button provides alternative views of the questions. These look different for each subject but are based on a set of common concepts: ordering scale difficulty of questions, grouping questions that are related, brief question descriptions for what has been measured.