Account Setup and Management

How do I create an account in NZCER Assist?

How do teachers create their accounts within Assist?

How can admins manually create teacher accounts?

How can I archive users who have left the school?

How can I un-archive users existing in the school on Assist?

How do I reset my password?


How do I subscribe to assessments and surveys?

What are the subscription, subject, and survey fees?

SMS upload and download

How do I upload an SMS file into NZCER Assist?

How do I download data from NZCER Assist in a CSV file?

Assessment Setup

How do I create assessment groups?

How do I create assessment groups for differentiation?

How do I change a test type?

Student Management

How do I add students to an assessment group?

How do I move students from one assessment to another?

How can I add new students to the Assist site?

How to change existing student details within Assist?

How do I un-archive students in NZCER Assist?

How to view completed assessments individually of a learner within Assist?

Class Management

How do I create classes manually?

How do I assign teachers to classes?

How do I remove a teacher from a class?

Paper-based assessments

How do I input data for students?

How to order pen and paper tests?

Online assessments

How do I print tokens for online testing?

What do I do if a student experiences problems with online testing?

How can students customize the look of an online assessment?

How do I check the status of student tokens for online assessments?

Reports and Data Management

How do I view reports for assessments?

How do I print reports?

How do I download reports as a PDF?

How do I access school-wide reporting?

How do I access teacher-class year-level reports?

How do I access historic reports?