It is important that teachers give students clear instructions before, during and after any online assessment.

  1. When the students are seated and quiet, give students the URL:  and ensure everyone has been able to locate the site. Distribute the Student Tokens facedown to each student. 

  2. When you are ready, invite the students to log in using their unique token code and wait for the teachers instructions.

  3. Students will be greeted with an initial screen that asks them to confirm who they are e.g.“Are you John Smith?” If the name on the screen is correct, ask students to click the green ‘Yes’ button. If the name on the screen is incorrect, check that the student is using the correct Student Token. If they are using the correct token and it continues to not allow them access to the test, please contact Assessment Services.   

  4. When all students are ready, read out the instructions on the first screen of the test slowly and clearly. Pause between paragraphs and emphasise important aspects. The sample texts, sample questions and each of their alternative answers should be read out loud. When the students complete the sample questions, check to see that they are able to select the answer they wish to choose and then confirm their response by hitting the green ‘Next’ button.  


Important instructions to emphasise: 

Please emphasise the following points to your students:

  • Attempt all questions, even when you are unsure of the answer.

  • Always choose the option(s) you think is the best answer.

  • Read the stimulus material carefully before answering the accompanying questions. 

  • Check that you are answering each question using the matching space on the computer screen. 

  • If you change your mind after selecting an answer you can go back using the back arrow on the left hand corner of the screen. This will allow you to review the question and change the answer if you wish to. 
  • If you finish early, check your answers by clicking on the question you wish to review. All questions can be found by clicking on the orange numbered box at the bottom of the screen. Any questions that have not been answered will be highlighted blue. To submit your answers simply click on the green ‘Finish’ button.